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Sample letter from a client to Help Save Our Hemp

PLEASE VOTE NO ON SB 1676 and HB 1475, filed by Sen. Colleen Burton and Rep. Will Robinson.  Please read and understand and LEARN the HEALTH benefits of THE COMBO OF CBD  AND THC for PAIN MANAGEMENT, PTSD, and ANXIETY.   

THIS BILL would kill the Florida Hemp Market , CAUSING over 10,000 JOB LOSSES, harming 0ver 7,000  STORE RETAILERS, that have paid $650 per year for the License , CAUSING THEM TO LOSE THEIR LIVELYHOOD, and ALLOW the dispensaries to have a MONOPOLY,  MAKING MILLIONS OF PEOPLE SUFFER IN PAIN , WHO CANNOT AFFORD TO BUY A MEDICAL MARIJUANA LICENCE , which would be their ONLY way to obtain the HEMP DERIVED CBD/THC  medicine.

PLEASE VOTE NO,NO,NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(This is what I wrote to all the congress people)